I'm Ross. These are my blog posts written in 2007.

Django Menuing System

Posted 9 p.m., Tuesday 27 November, 2007. Tagged geeky, django and programming

Although Django's template system is very easy to get the hang of, it's not for everybody. In particular, it's not for people whose job it is to publish content without having any technical know-how. For this reason, I'm giving away a simple menuing application for Django that lets your content editors addand change menu items without bothering your template authors.

Wanted: Engaged Djangonauts

Posted 11:27 p.m., Sunday 4 November, 2007. Tagged django and wedding

Getting married? I'm looking for people to help with a final round of Beta testing for my Django-powered Bridal Registry service. We've done some extensive testing so far, and now need a few people getting married in the next few months to finalise testing before a public launch.

DjangoPoweredSites Grows Up

Posted 7:37 p.m., Sunday 4 November, 2007. Tagged djangosites, geeky, django and programming

I've spent some significant time over the past weekend moving website listings from the old DjangoPoweredSites wiki page to DjangoSites. That brings the total number of Django-driven websites listed to over 800! We'll now close down the wiki page as it has become redundant, but require a little bit of help cleansing the new list.

Easy Multi-Part E-Mails with Django

Posted 3:30 p.m., Thursday 25 October, 2007. Tagged geeky, email, django and programming

Django provides an easy way to send multi-part text/HTML messages. I've recently built on top of this existing framework to provide an ultra-easy way to send templated HTML and plain-text messages with minimal code duplication.

Django: Multiple Aliases for a Single Website

Posted 7 a.m., Wednesday 3 October, 2007. Tagged geeky, django and programming

In these days of cheap domains, it's often desirable to own multiple domains for a single website. You've probably got each of the .com, .net and .org domain names, along with a country-specific domain. You want each of these to present exactly the same website to the world, but good design says that each web page should have one, and exactly one, URL. So what's the best way to serve this up without having an Apache config for each domain?

Django: A Diverse Community

Posted 11:49 a.m., Monday 1 October, 2007. Tagged djangosites, geeky and django

Scott Barnham, one of the guys behind the recently-launched Django Gigs website, has posted some statistics from visitors to the Gigs website over the past few days. I've put together some similar stats for the Django Sites website, which has been online for a few months now.

Mixing OpenID into Django's authentication system

Posted 7:30 a.m., Monday 20 August, 2007. Tagged geeky, django, programming and openid

OpenID is a de-centralised authentication system that is making a splash in a big way. In this post I give an overview of what OpenID is, and how I'm going about integrating it with Django's user-management / authentication system.

Validating a Username via jQuery with Ajax

Posted 7 a.m., Monday 20 August, 2007. Tagged design, geeky, ajax, programming, javascript, django and jquery

The phrase 'simplifying the user experience' (or it's cousins) is thrown around regularly these days, without many examples on HOW to actually make life easier for the end user. In my opinion it's about removing needless junk wherever possible, letting the user focus on what's actually important. A simple example I've extracted from a current project is minimising needless page loads. Read on to find out how I validate availability of a username during the Django registration process.

DjangoSites: We Want YOU!

Posted 10:04 a.m., Monday 13 August, 2007. Tagged djangosites, geeky, django and programming

We're at 260 sites listed on DjangoSites. The DjangoPoweredSites page has 3-4 times that number - so if you've got a website built with Django, why not submit it (for free, no less) and show it off to the world?

Djangosites Updates

Posted 12:11 p.m., Tuesday 26 June, 2007. Tagged djangosites, geeky, django and programming

Djangosites.org was launched last week as a new way to show off the many websites that are built with Django but that don't get much fanfare within the community as they aren't technology based. I've received some fantastic feedback from the community so have improved the RSS feeds and access to info about source-code.

Introducing Djangosites.org

Posted 8:05 p.m., Wednesday 20 June, 2007. Tagged djangosites, geeky, django and programming

Over the past few weeks I've been working on a website to allow the Django community to showcase what's out there that's built using the fantastic Django framework. With input from others in the community, the site is now live. I introduce to you, DjangoSites.org

Using The WebThumb API with Python

Posted 9 a.m., Wednesday 13 June, 2007. Tagged geeky, django and programming

There is a fantastic free service available to create screenshots of websites using an API at bluga.net. The problem is, there are no samples in Python. As part of a project I'm working on with the Django community, I've written a simple Python interface to the bluga.net webthumb API which lets you pass in a URL and receive back a screenshot.

Wedding Registry Post Mortem

Posted 7:01 a.m., Monday 14 May, 2007. Tagged personal and wedding

I've been talking recently about a wedding registry website I'm building - I used it for my own wedding in March, and I'm pleased to say it worked out fantastically. Read on for my analysis of it's success for our wedding.

Using Subdomains with Django

Posted 11:30 a.m., Saturday 28 April, 2007. Tagged javascript, geeky and programming

Sometimes it's really handy to give users their own sub-domain, especially when they're uploading their own content to your Django application. I've done this for a few private projects so far, and it's really quite an easy way to give people an extra level of customisation in your application - it also allows you to make even more beautiful URL's that you might otherwise be doing.

Helping Sort Django's Error Emails

Posted 7:43 p.m., Wednesday 28 February, 2007. Tagged geeky, django and programming

Running multiple Django sites, all with debugging disabled? Getting confused as to which traceback emails belong to which site? This simple Django tip shows how to alter the e-mails being sent by Django so you can more easily work with these e-mails which are a very useful site management tool.

What's Wrong with Bridal Registries

Posted 8:04 a.m., Wednesday 14 February, 2007. Tagged personal and wedding

In a very fitting valentines-day posting, I explain what's wrong with Bridal Gift Registries, and what I'm doing to fix it.

Blog Spam Protection

Posted 2:38 p.m., Saturday 13 January, 2007. Tagged geeky, django and programming

I've made a small change to my blog to try and slow down the spammers a bit - the first step in a few that I have planned.


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