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Django Site of the Week: Ooh-Ga-Boo-Ga

Posted noon, Saturday 20 December, 2008. Tagged djangosites, djangosotw, satchmo and django

The second Django Site of the Week is online. This week it's Satchmo website extraordinaire Ooh-Ga-Boo-Gah.

Dynamic ModelForms in Django

Posted 7:22 p.m., Monday 15 December, 2008. Tagged django, forms, modelform and newforms

Since 'newforms' became the norm within Django, there seems to have been some confusion relating to dynamic forms that relate specifically to a model.

The basic way to handle forms is to use a ModelForm for simple single-model-related forms, and Form instances for everything else, including more advanced Model-based forms. Many people seem to forget, however, that a ModelForm or Form instance can be manipulated after it's created.

In this blog post, I have included a design pattern I've recently used that should be of use to others who want to tweak their ModelForm instances at runtime.

Django Site of the Week

Posted 11:15 a.m., Sunday 14 December, 2008. Tagged djangosites, djangosotw and django

Since I started DjangoSites over a year ago, the response has been fantastic. I used to approve a handful of websites a week, recently it's more like a half-dozen a day.

I've decided that a bunch of those websites are just awesome, and I wanted to have a chat with the owners of those sites and share their stories with the Django Community. Without further ado, I would like to introduce the Django Site of the Week. The first featured website is Disqus, and an article has been published at the SOTW website based on my interview with Daniel Ha, one of the founders.

Business Cards!

Posted 11:26 a.m., Saturday 13 December, 2008. Tagged business cards and moleskine

I've had a few meetings recently relating to Django, so I figured I should have some of my own business cards. I went with a nice simple design with sparse information, although these ones are straight off a digital printer so colour quality isn't quite what I wanted. For the next batch (when I have more time up my sleeves) I'll go offset printing for sure.

I also picked up a Moleskine notebook, it's great for taking notes and keeping ideas & wireframes. Much easier than the A4 book I used to lug around.

Django Site of the Week: Suggestions Wanted

Posted 6:25 p.m., Tuesday 28 October, 2008. Tagged djangosites, djangosotw and django

Over at DjangoSites there is a steady flow of new websites, with a handful showing up every single day. Something really cool is that a growing number of these are either commercial websites that are using Django to make money, or they are very serious in terms of code-base, development effort and online exposure. Django is growing up, and is making an impression on the web at large: I've decided to interview the brains behind these websites to find out why they chose Django, how it assisted their development processes, and how it got in their way. Soon I'll be launching Django Site of the Week, and I want your input.

Jutda Helpdesk - A Django-Powered Ticket Tracker for Small Enterprise

Posted 1 p.m., Sunday 19 October, 2008. Tagged jutda, helpdesk, tickets and django

To manage support requests for WhisperGifts I started building a ticket-tracker application in Django. It's evolved into a fully-fledged system that allows your customers to easily submit tickets and help you provide timely replies. A few months back I published the code to Google Code and open-sourced it - so you too can now use it in your small Django-powered business.

How I Moved My Commercial Projects to Newforms-Admin

Posted 9:12 p.m., Wednesday 23 July, 2008. Tagged django, programming and newforms

Django 1.0 Alpha is out, and with it come some major API changes to Django's internals. This means you need to make a number of changes to your Django projects before upgrading Django to a recent copy. I've got a handful of commercial and public-facing websites running on Django, so I decided now is a good time to upgrade them.

DjangoSites is 1337

Posted 12:07 p.m., Sunday 1 June, 2008. Tagged django and djangosites

Since I missed the 1000-site milestone, here's the next best thing. We've got 1337 sites listed on DjangoSites!

DjangoSites Gets New Shoes

Posted 7:22 p.m., Wednesday 30 April, 2008. Tagged design, djangosites, hosting, django and openid

After almost twelve months online and well over a thousand sites submitted, DjangoSites has had a facelift and moved to a new hosting home.

DjangoSites Gets OpenID Support

Posted 5:44 p.m., Thursday 17 April, 2008. Tagged djangosites, django and openid

One of the coolest things to happen to the Internet in the past few years is OpenID, the decentralised system that allows you to use a single 'login' mechanism across multiple websites. OpenID support in Django is coming of age, and I've just implemented it at DjangoSites.

Weblog Updates

Posted 5:25 p.m., Thursday 10 April, 2008. Tagged tumblog, meta and django

Apologies for the recent RSS spam, where all of my posts were re-published. The reason was a new blog system I'm using, syndicating my actions around the web into a single 'tumblog' style feed.

WhisperGifts Sees the Light of Day

Posted 10:10 p.m., Sunday 16 March, 2008. Tagged jutda, django, wedding and whispergifts

I've been blogging here about bridal gift registries for well over a year now. All of that talk has resulted in the creation of WhisperGifts, a Django-powered service that allows couples to host their bridal gift registry online with minimal fuss and maximum benefit for everybody: The couple getting married AND their guests. Read on for some benefits of the service.

Jutda: Django-powered Solution Provider

Posted 2:59 p.m., Sunday 16 March, 2008. Tagged jutda, geeky, programming, personal and django

In my previous post I mentioned Jutda, a Django-powered company that I'm working on in my spare time. I would now like to formally introduce Jutda to the Django community and outline a few exciting projects that are on their way. World, meet Jutda!w

Overdue Catchup

Posted 8:49 p.m., Monday 11 February, 2008. Tagged djangosites, geeky, whispergifts, programming, django and openid

A quick update on a few projects including DjangoSites, WhisperGifts, Jutda, a Django-powered Forum package, and my OpenID implementation.


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