I'm Ross. These are my blog posts written in 2011.

Enabling your sales team with Mobile CRM

Posted 9:40 a.m., Friday 23 December, 2011. Tagged crm, work, pa and mobility

My day job is as a CRM consultant for Professional Advantage. I help companies implement the Microsoft CRM platform so that they can streamline their business processes such as sales pipeline management, helpdesk / service management, and marketing automation. I've just written a blog post over on the PA blog about using Mobile devices to help your sales team get the most out of your CRM system.

2011 In Review

Posted 8:40 a.m., Wednesday 21 December, 2011. Tagged travel, Personal Stuff and work

I'm not one to blog about personal topics, but I have to make an exception as 2011 has been a heck of a year on a number of fronts. I became a dad, dove in head-first at work, ignored my open source commitments, finished university, travelled to Nepal, and overall had a hell of a year.

Small open-source release: django-menu

Posted 10:50 a.m., Sunday 6 November, 2011. Tagged menus, open-source, code, github and django

Many moons ago on this blog I wrote about a simple menuing system for Django. For the sake of convenience, I've just packaged up that code (plus a few minor improvements) into a package named django-menu which is also available via PyPi with pip install django-menu. Basic documentation is included in the package and in the git repository.


Posted 9:31 p.m., Thursday 27 January, 2011. Tagged jutda, django-helpdesk, open-source and django

A while ago I released a helpdesk tool that I use to manage support requests, under the name of Jutda Helpdesk (named after my small consulting company). The project has received a slow but steady stream of patches and bug fixes, however it's always been a little tricky to manage with a single committer over at Google Code. To make life easier for everybody involved, I've renamed the project to django-helpdesk and shifted the source code and issue management to GitHub.

DjangoSites Deployment Statistics

Posted 3:39 p.m., Sunday 23 January, 2011. Tagged djangosites, django and stats

A long time ago I started collecting statistics from people submitting their sites to DjangoSites. I promised to collate the results one day - and here they are.


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