I'm Ross. These are my blog posts written in 2012.

WhisperGifts: The Tech That Let Me Launch

Posted 8:42 a.m., Thursday 5 July, 2012. Tagged django, whispergifts and tech

The WhisperGifts re-launch recently went very well! I promised a more technical follow-up with some details about what's new and what's changed, so if you want to know more about what makes WhisperGifts tick then you'll want to read on. Hint: It's a dash of Django, a pinch of Python, and a slathering of open-source software all around.

WhisperGifts Re-Launch

Posted 8 p.m., Saturday 23 June, 2012. Tagged whispergifts

Way back in 2007, my wife Lauren and I got married and went looking for a good bridal gift registry service. We didn't find one, so we built our own - WhisperGifts was born. It's now 5 years later, and today we are re-launching with a completely new look & feel and a 100% new code base under the hood.

Why you shouldn't buy cheap watches, and investigate odd sleeping patterns in kids.

Posted 4:24 p.m., Monday 18 June, 2012. Tagged fatherhood, cheap watches, hiking and personal

Sometimes, events happen with a regularity that seems uncanny. You manage to explain it away, though, and never get to the root of it. Then, your son gets sick and you realise you've missed one of the silliest little annoyances the poor guy could have been exposed to! There isn't a real moral to the story you'll read when you click through to the article, but it made my wife and I chuckle this weekend so I thought I'd share it.

Domain Names For Sale

Posted 7:24 p.m., Friday 15 June, 2012. Tagged domains and tech

I'm cleaning out my servers and have a few domains I want to sell or give away, including opocket.com (and .net, .org); twolines.com.au and thesecretsanta.com.au. E-mail me at ross@rossp.org if you're interested in any of these. (Note: the .com.au domains will require you to have an Australian address & ABN, I believe)

DjangoSites Move Complete

Posted 7:21 p.m., Friday 15 June, 2012. Tagged djangosites, devops, servers, django and tech

I've finished migrating DjangoSites to it's new home, and everything should be back online. I've got a few tips for migrating simple Django-powered sites if you click through to read the rest of this blog post.

DjangoSites Downtime - Server Move

Posted 3:47 p.m., Monday 11 June, 2012. Tagged django and djangosites

Heads-up: DjangoSites.org will be down, at some point in the next week, while I move it to a new server. Expected downtime is approximately 1 hour to transfer files & database; if your ISP has DNS servers that don't observe TTL then you might not see updates for a while longer.

Key-based cache expiration with Django

Posted 10:05 p.m., Wednesday 29 February, 2012. Tagged django and caching

Last week, the team over at 37Signals wrote up an article on their newly implemented Key-based cache expiration system and it hit me: It's such a simple idea with obvious benefits, why hadn't I implemented a similar caching mechanism before? Being a Django user, the Rails code didn't make much sense to me but the concept certainly did - so here's my take on it with a quick Django example.


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