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Django Site of the Week: ForecastWatch

Posted 9:24 p.m., Tuesday 27 January, 2009. Tagged sotw, djangosotw and django

Eric Floehr is the man behind ForecastWatch and ForecastAdvisor, two Django-powered weather websites that aggregate and analyse weather forecasts to compare their accuracy on an ongoing basis. This week, I spoke to Eric about the history behind his sites, how he handles massive data sets, and his conversion from Ruby on Rails to Django. You can read all about it over at the Django Site of the Week.

Django Site of the Week: EveryBlock

Posted noon, Saturday 3 January, 2009. Tagged sotw, djangosotw, django and community

The Django Site of the Week is back after a Christmas-induced break with an interview with Adrian Holovaty. Adrian is no stranger to Django, and his name is known throughout the community as one of the brains behind Django's birth and subsequent open-source release. His latest project EveryBlock is the evolution of an earlier mashup, chicagocrime.org, which won Adrian a number of awards. So what are the driving forces behind EveryBlock? I recently spoke with Adrian to find out.

Django Site of the Week: Ooh-Ga-Boo-Ga

Posted noon, Saturday 20 December, 2008. Tagged djangosites, djangosotw, satchmo and django

The second Django Site of the Week is online. This week it's Satchmo website extraordinaire Ooh-Ga-Boo-Gah.

Django Site of the Week

Posted 11:15 a.m., Sunday 14 December, 2008. Tagged djangosites, djangosotw and django

Since I started DjangoSites over a year ago, the response has been fantastic. I used to approve a handful of websites a week, recently it's more like a half-dozen a day.

I've decided that a bunch of those websites are just awesome, and I wanted to have a chat with the owners of those sites and share their stories with the Django Community. Without further ado, I would like to introduce the Django Site of the Week. The first featured website is Disqus, and an article has been published at the SOTW website based on my interview with Daniel Ha, one of the founders.

Django Site of the Week: Suggestions Wanted

Posted 6:25 p.m., Tuesday 28 October, 2008. Tagged djangosites, djangosotw and django

Over at DjangoSites there is a steady flow of new websites, with a handful showing up every single day. Something really cool is that a growing number of these are either commercial websites that are using Django to make money, or they are very serious in terms of code-base, development effort and online exposure. Django is growing up, and is making an impression on the web at large: I've decided to interview the brains behind these websites to find out why they chose Django, how it assisted their development processes, and how it got in their way. Soon I'll be launching Django Site of the Week, and I want your input.


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