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Posted 9:31 p.m., Thursday 27 January, 2011. Tagged jutda, django-helpdesk, open-source and django

A while ago I released a helpdesk tool that I use to manage support requests, under the name of Jutda Helpdesk (named after my small consulting company). The project has received a slow but steady stream of patches and bug fixes, however it's always been a little tricky to manage with a single committer over at Google Code. To make life easier for everybody involved, I've renamed the project to django-helpdesk and shifted the source code and issue management to GitHub.

Jutda Helpdesk - A Django-Powered Ticket Tracker for Small Enterprise

Posted 1 p.m., Sunday 19 October, 2008. Tagged jutda, helpdesk, tickets and django

To manage support requests for WhisperGifts I started building a ticket-tracker application in Django. It's evolved into a fully-fledged system that allows your customers to easily submit tickets and help you provide timely replies. A few months back I published the code to Google Code and open-sourced it - so you too can now use it in your small Django-powered business.

WhisperGifts Sees the Light of Day

Posted 10:10 p.m., Sunday 16 March, 2008. Tagged jutda, django, wedding and whispergifts

I've been blogging here about bridal gift registries for well over a year now. All of that talk has resulted in the creation of WhisperGifts, a Django-powered service that allows couples to host their bridal gift registry online with minimal fuss and maximum benefit for everybody: The couple getting married AND their guests. Read on for some benefits of the service.

Jutda: Django-powered Solution Provider

Posted 2:59 p.m., Sunday 16 March, 2008. Tagged jutda, geeky, programming, personal and django

In my previous post I mentioned Jutda, a Django-powered company that I'm working on in my spare time. I would now like to formally introduce Jutda to the Django community and outline a few exciting projects that are on their way. World, meet Jutda!w


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