A Django Blog - Redux

Posted by Ross Poulton on Thu 08 June 2006 #geeky #django #programming

At the start of May, the Django magic-removal branch was merged with 'trunk' - the mainstream Django code base. While this branch isn't yet available for download by the lay user, it's there in svn ready to be checked out and used, and it seems quite stable - the djangoproject.com website was recently moved across to that very codebase.

All of the documentation on djangoproject.com refers to the MR codebase, and because trunk had been updated it meant if I wanted any updates to Django (I run off of the SVN codebase, not the mainstream download) I'd have to go MR. With the 'RemovingTheMagic' wiki page open in one brower screen, I got to making the required changes in another screen. What you're seeing here is the end result of that.

As such, most of the code has changed. Instead of writing a blog entry with a few hundred lines of python code, I've put it all in an archive you can download from my site.

This code is released under a Creative Commons License, as linked with the button on the right side of this blog. Please respect this license - it's very generous. I just want this code to be used as a learning tool, not a money making scheme for somebody :)

I don't intend for this code to be just dumped on a website and used as-is - I expect you to be using it as a learning tool, as a base for bigger and better things. As it is in the archive, it's very basic. The templates aren't complete, they require you to already have a 'base.html' template. This archive also expects you can create a new app in Django and copy these files to the right places.

Good luck, and enjoy your Django experience! I will be making further posts in the future regarding template tags, RSS feeds and other such niceties, which will be based off this code archive.

That's it for now - go and download django-blog-rossp.org.tar.gz.