The Django Deployment Survey - How Are You Hosting Django Websites?

Posted by Ross Poulton on Mon 06 April 2009 #djangosites #deployment #survey #django

According to the official Django Documentation, there are around a half-dozen documented and supported ways of deploying Django in production environments. The recommended way these days is with Apache and mod_wsgi, but there are still a whole bunch of decisions that one must make when it comes to making their Django project public.

One of the great things about running DjangoSites is that it has exposed me to a number of fantastic Django-powered websites. Each of these is unique in one way or another, but they are all running Django. How they use it, though, is anybodies guess.

So what are our peers doing? There are proponents for and against each of the different pieces of the Django Deployment puzzle.

  • What operating system should be used? BSD, Linux or Windows?
  • What Database system should be used? Postgres, MySQL, or something else?
  • Which web server software? Apache, nginx, or one of the many python-powered web servers?
  • Which method should I use? mod_python, FastCGI, or something else?
  • Which version of Django? Do I stick to a release, or try and keep up with SVN?

To see what our Django-using peers are doing, I am starting a survey of Django website deployment methods. This will be an ongoing addition to DjangoSites.

The way it works is pretty straightforward. As of tonight, there are a number of new fields on the 'Submit a Site' and 'Edit' screens to let you select the way you have deployed your Django-powered website. I will not be publishing these details on a site-by-site basis, so you can rest easy knowing that I won't tell the world that your website is hosted on Windows with an Oracle database backend.

Once there are a material number of responses to those questions, I will publish the statistics in aggregate with some pretty colourful charts. These graphs will remain public (and dynamic - updating as the data grows) once the volume of submissions provides meaningful data.

What will this give us? An interesting look at the way that the wide public deploy their Django applications, and potentially longer-term trends showing the usage of particular deployment methods as time goes on.

Want to be involved? I'd love to hear your feedback and see as many sites as possible have their deployment details listed.

If your site is already listed at DjangoSites, you can simply log in and click 'My Sites' in the toolbar. Open each site that's listed, and click the 'Edit' link. Alternatively, if you have a whole bunch of websites you want to update, just email me your DjangoSites username and deployment details and I'll do the update for you.

Don't despair if your websites aren't listed at DjangoSites yet - you can simply sign up then submit your websites for free! Remember, the deployment details are optional so you can list your website without being included in the aggregated statistics if you prefer.

Lastly, I would like to thank Joshua Jonah of Symbiosis Marketing for planting the seed for this idea. I'm hoping it'll give an interesting insight into more of the 'behind the scenes' details of Django-powered websites.