Django - Magic-Removal Upgrade

Posted by Ross Poulton on Mon 15 May 2006 #geeky #django #programming

I've just upgraded Django to the new Magic-Removal code base which is now a part of the core Django distribution.

I broke a few things (such as the Photo Gallery) for a few days while I ironed out a few little bugs, but all seems OK now.

Soon enough I'll make available all my blog code as the tutorials published here are now basically useless due to the sweeping changes made by Magic-Removal. If anybody can suggest an easy way for me to package up my Django code to make it easily usable for others, I'd love to hear it :)

I might also pull out some text from previous blog entries on using Django's contrib.comments and put them in their own article as that seems to be what's attracted a number of people to this site.