Django Site of the Week - Suggestions Wanted

Posted by Ross Poulton on Tue 28 October 2008 #djangosites #djangosotw #django

Over at DjangoSites there is a steady flow of new websites, with a handful showing up every single day. Something really cool is that a growing number of these are either commercial websites that are using Django to make money, or they are very serious in terms of code-base, development effort and online exposure.

Django is growing up, and is making an impression on the web at large: I've decided to interview the brains behind these websites to find out why they chose Django, how it assisted their development processes, and how it got in their way. Soon I'll be launching Django Site of the Week, and I want your input.

So far I've conducted quick interviews with a number of fantastic websites that are powered by Django. Some of these are commercial and charge their users for access, others are large-scale community projects, and others are a hybrid. I'm in the process of editing them into something useful for the community, with plans to launch Django SOTW within the next few weeks.

Each week, I aim to publish an interview with the creators of a Django-powered website that stands out from the other sites listed at DjangoSites. I'm looking for the real cream of the crop: websites that are more than a blog and a collection of generic views. Some of the websites you can expect to see interviews from in the first few weeks include EveryBlock, SuggestionBox and Disqus. These sites are all unique and have approached a problem in their own way, all of them using Django. The reasons for using Django and the issues they faced are interesting, and some background information should help aspiring entrepreneurs as they work towards releasing their own Django-based websites.

While I continue to prepare the websites, I would like any suggestions for websites to feature. If you would like to nominate a website to be the Django Site of the Week, or if you have a unique story to tell from your involvement in the development of a complex Django powered website, please email me at ross at this domain. I'd love to hear from you.