DjangoPoweredSites Grows Up

Posted by Ross Poulton on Sun 04 November 2007 #djangosites #geeky #django #programming

After some e-mail discussions with Jacob Kaplan-Moss from the Django team, I've moved all of the sites listed on the old DjangoPoweredSites wiki page to

It took a fair bit of time to weed out some not-working pages and expired domains (which have, of course, been purchased by spammers and link farmers), and a small investment in extra WebThumb credits to allow me to take screenshots of a fresh 500+ websites, but I got there in the end.

We'll now be closing the DjangoPoweredSites wiki page for good, as it has become redundant and is not the best way to peruse 800+ websites.

What we're left with is a fantastic directory of websites powered by Django. I'll be putting together a 'Featured' list shortly, but in the meantime I need a little bit of help from the community.

All sites scraped from the wiki page are currently unowned. I encourage you to check out the list of unclaimed websites, and e-mail me to let me know which sites are yours so you can receive due credit. There are some great websites listed there, so it'd be fantastic to be able to show off who built them.

Thanks to Jacob and the rest of the Django team for getting behind this initiative.