Djangosites Updates

Posted by Ross Poulton on Tue 26 June 2007 #djangosites #geeky #django #programming

Last week I launched, a new website to show off other websites built with Django. Uptake has been great (as I write this there are 125 websites listed) and feedback has been even better.

Firstly there are more RSS feeds. You can view RSS feeds for latest entries, particular tags (eg business), or individual authors. The 'RSS' button at the top-right of most pages links to an RSS feed of your current view, more will be coming soon.

Next, listings with source-code available are now more easily identifiable from the listings by a new icon: source code icon (a good example of this is the blog tag listing which has a few listings with source-code available)

We've also done a fair few minor cosmetic changes, eg signup emails now come from a sane email address, and the signup/login forms match the rest of the site

Any other suggestions are more than welcome, in the meantime maddiin and I are working on our next Django community project! Stay tuned for more details.