Django Site of the Week

Posted by Ross Poulton on Sun 14 December 2008 #djangosites #djangosotw #django

Since I started DjangoSites over a year ago, the response has been fantastic. I used to approve a handful of websites a week, recently it's more like a half-dozen a day.

I've decided that a bunch of those websites are just awesome, and I wanted to have a chat with the owners of those sites and share their stories with the Django Community. Most larger or more unique stories have a story behind them, and the experiences of the team building them are vary from project to project.

Upon approaching the owners of a number of cool websites powered by Django, I received great feedback and enthusiastic responses. So far there are a few weeks of interviews ready to be published, with more on the way.

The first website we've featured is Disqus, a hosted comment engine that can be used on any blog or website for free. It's an interesting website, and Daniel Ha (one of the founders) was very helpful in answering my questions and helping to share his experiences with Django.

Each weekend, another interview will be published. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to be automatically alerted to new websites, however I suggest you visit the website to see the full content of the interviews along with screenshots and statistics that have been shared with us.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank-you to everybody who has helped out so far with interviews, as it has made it much easier for me to undertake this project.

Lastly, I'm going to need a continuous supply of new material. If you find a Django-powered website that you really like, please let me know and I will contact the owners of the website. I also encourage you to leave comments on the website including any questions you would like answered in future interviews.