Enabling your sales team with Mobile CRM

My day job is as a CRM consultant for Professional Advantage. I help companies implement the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform so that they can streamline their business processes such as sales pipeline management, helpdesk / service management, and marketing automation.

I've just written a post over on the PA Blog about using Mobile devices to help your sales team get the most out of your CRM system. It talks about a few ways to help make sure your sales team fully utilise the system you've just implemented, rather than just see CRM system maintenance / usage as a chore.

While I'm guessing my typical blog audience won't find this too interesting, some of you may be intrigued as to what I actually do at work. Hopefully this helps... and of course, if your organisation has issues managing sales or service let me know and I'm sure we can help you out :)

Thanks for reading.

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