Payments for Australian Startups - Update regarding Pin Payments requirements

Posted by Ross Poulton on Mon 13 January 2014 #startups #payments

In October last year I put together a summary of payment processing options for Australian startups, as it was at that point in time.

One of my favourite providers was Pin Payments, who were the only Australian company in the lineup, however they had two requirements that bugged me: They required the billing address of my customers, and they emailed a receipt directly to my customers upon payment.

For WhisperGifts I really don't want either of those things, so I implemented payments with Stripe.

Recently, Chris from Pin Payments reached out to me with an update. I've posted it over on the original post but with his permission have included the email below.

Pin Payments are able to switch off the e-mail receipt sent to customers, and set the billing address fields to be optional. At the moment you just need to e-mail the team at

Something else that's worth noting when comparing is the multi-currency support we provide. Currently you can bill in 6 currencies. This is seriously powerful for Australian companies looking to go global, or even being able to tap adjacent markets like NZ.

For me, these changes put Pin back at the top of my preference list. Being local is a big deal for support purposes, so when time permits I'll be switching WhisperGifts over to Pin.

Thanks to Chris from Pin for reaching out and for allowing me to post this.