Stock Photos & Web Templates

Posted by Ross Poulton on Thu 12 January 2006 #design #links

Two links I try and use regularly are sources of free web templates, and free stock photography.

stock.xchng is a website that has over 180000 photos, of everything you could imagine. Most of them are free for various uses, worth signing up for and looking around. You can easily find an image for just about any purpose. The website is a little slow, but it's worth waiting.

Open Web Design is a source of free web templates. They are offered under various licenses, just check for each one as to what you can/can't do with it. A few designs get put up each day, and there are many to chose from (like this site - I've borrowed parts of a few different layouts to get what I wanted). Very cool for those of us who know what we want but can't design for shit.