Wanted: Engaged Djangonauts

I've spent the last year or so building a Django-powered bridal gift registry service. It allows you to easily list desired gifts in a simple online format, for your guests to select and purchase for you.

It works pretty well - my wife let me use it for our own wedding, afterall. It's also stood up to a half-dozen other weddings, who have all provided fantastic feedback which I've put into place.

I'm just about ready for launch, but I'd like to do a final round of live testing. So, I'm opening it up to Django users worldwide.

The criteria?

In return I'll provide a premium account (value: $40AUD) for you to use from day one.

Interested? Just e-mail me at ross at this domain and I'll provide a signup URL. You're welcome to sign up and check it out before committing to using it for your wedding, of course - however if you choose not to use it, I'd love to know what WAF (that'd be wife-acceptance-factors) come into play in making your decision, so I can improve it as much as possible!

Thanks for reading.

I'd love to hear your feedback and comments. E-mail me, ross@rossp.org, or get in touch on Twitter where I'm @RossPoulton. Chat soon!