Wedding Registry Post Mortem

I married by lovely wife on March 31st of this year. To handle our gift registry, I used my new Registry website (which I've spoken about in the past). Although I'm not quite ready to go live, I've analysed some of the data from our usage of the Registry system and made some interesting observations.

The chart to the right shows cumulative purchases over time, from the first purchase (around two months before the wedding, when we gave invites & registry details to our families) to the last purchase, 2 days before the wedding.

I've removed the numbers from the y-axis as they're irrelevant to everybody except me, but the axis hasn't been altered at all -- the scale has been kept intact and increases proportionately from 0 to n.

As you can see, the bulk of the purchases happened two-three weeks before the wedding. In fact, until 17 days before the wedding there were only around 10% of purchases.

Other quick observations that we noticed:

For most people this is probably relatively useless information -- but we found it interesting and it may assist others with preparing their registries.

I'm hoping to announce my registry website soon so people can start using it -- I'm moving it to a new server at the moment, and changing the look and feel to be a little less nerdy. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading.

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