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Engagement Party Photos Done

I've just put the rest of the Engagement Party photos online. Some are a bit dark & blurry, but we'll remove those later. Captions will also come later.

Engagement Party Photos

On Sunday afternoon Lauren and I had our Engagement party to celebrate with friends & family our recent engagement. Not all of the photos are up yet, but the first batch are ready to look at.

The photos can be found in my gallery.

Gallery is Online Again

I've just put parts of my photo gallery back online, using a new gallery application I wrote in Django. I've only got a few sets of photos online right now, the rest should be ready to go shortly.

You'll see with the sets I have there so far, the locations are drawn on a satellite photo of Australia, thanks to Google Maps. Try zooming in on some of the places, especially around Melbourne. They are quite high resolution images and it's fascinating what you can see.


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