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Django Site of the Week - The A.V. Club

For various reasons I haven't been able to post a Django Site of the Week for quite a while now, which is a little embarrassing. I've had this little interview sitting in my inbox for over a month, and I've only just been able to write it ...

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Django Site of the Week - Deskography

Seeing how other people work is something that seems to be of interest to most developers. Whether it's because they want to become better workers themselves or because they're somewhat voyeuristic is open to debate - either way, Django-powered website Deskography is a well-designed social desk-sharing website. This week ...

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Django Site of the Week - ForecastWatch

Eric Floehr is the man behind ForecastWatch and ForecastAdvisor, two Django-powered weather websites that aggregate and analyse weather forecasts to compare their accuracy on an ongoing basis. This week, I spoke to Eric about the history behind his sites, how he handles massive data sets, and his conversion from Ruby ...

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Django Site of the Week - ShutterCal

ShutterCal is a photo sharing site with a difference - it encourages contributors to upload one photo every day to help people reach a goal: whether that may be to improve their photography, watch themselves evolve over a year, or remember people and places they visit. ShutterCal started in 2007, and ...

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Django SOTW Moving to Mondays

To better fit with both my own way of doing things and with general web browsing patterns of the Django SOTW public, I'm moving the SOTW to Mondays rather than Saturdays.

You can expect new interviews to go live on Monday evenings (Australian EST) which means our US visitors ...

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Django Site of the Week - Represent

Represent is a new website prototype from the New York Times that provides New York residents with information about the whereabouts of their elected representatives. What's interesting about this website is that it's one of the first large-scale sites to implement GeoDjango for spatially-aware applications. This week, I ...

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Django Site of the Week - EveryBlock

The Django Site of the Week is back after a Christmas-induced break with an interview with Adrian Holovaty. Adrian is no stranger to Django, and his name is known throughout the community as one of the brains behind Django's birth and subsequent open-source release. His latest project EveryBlock is ...

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