Lockdown Joy - Saturday Quiz

25 questions, delivered by SMS each Saturday. It's been a real treat for my family.

Posted by Ross Poulton on Mon 06 September 2021 #fun #family

One of the unexpected joys of these Covid-induced lockdowns has been sitting down with my family each weekend to do The Saturday Quiz.

Sometime during the long lockdowns here in Melbourne last year, a couple of unknown-to-me Melburnites put together a little weekly quiz. 25 questions, once a week, sent via SMS at 8am Saturday (email is too uncool, it seems).

Sitting down over breakfast (or, honestly, afternoon tea or even Sunday dinner for us) with my wief an kids to work our way through the 25 questions has been a very welcome treat. In this latest lockdown we have been sharing the Quiz love with friends and family over Zoom and it's always well received.

Signing up is free, and you get your quiz via SMS each Saturday until you ask them to stop. The user interface is simple and allows the quizmaster to also guess at answers, whic his a nice touch.

Optional 'subscriptions' are available, letting you chip in a buck or two a week. You get nothing for your money except a good feeling: we subscribed in the hope the Saturday Quiz keeps going for a long while.

If you love a bit of trivia I strongly recommend checking out The Saturday Quiz. See if you can beat the Poulton Clan...

To the Saturday Quiz team, if you ever see this: thanks!